Fire Sprinkler Inspection

The most thorough fire system inspection in Wisconsin

Getting regular fire sprinkler system inspections is critical to ensure your system continues to function correctly. Failing to receive at least yearly inspections will result in a faulty system, leaving your building at risk of fire & its residents in harm’s way. Design Build Fire Protection provides detailed regular inspections so you know your home or office will stay safe from any fire emergency.


We don’t just find the problem. We fix it.

If your sprinkler system requires any kind of repair or replacement, we will work with you to determine a time frame and cost that works best for you.

Design Build Fire Protection provides fire protection services for the following:

  • NFPA #25 Inspections
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Backflow Preventer
  • Confined Space Area
  • Fire Alarm Service
  • Dry Pipe System
  • Fire Pumps
  • FM200 or Equivalent Systems
  • Foam System
  • Kitchen Hood Systems
  • Pre-action System
  • Special Hazard Systems
  • Strainers
  • Valve Pits
  • Wet Pipe Systems
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When annual inspections are not enough

A yearly inspection is usually the minimum requirement set by local fire departments. Depending on your zoning requirements & building size, it may be beneficial to receive monthly or quarterly inspections to ensure adequate maintenance upkeep.

Design Build Fire Protection does any inspection as frequently as needed. We can even add you to our automatic monthly, quarterly or annual inspections list, so you don’t need to put any thought or effort into it at all. We’ll keep track of when your inspection is coming up, and contact you when it’s time to schedule a checkup. 

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