Fire Sprinkler Questions & Answers

Q:  If a fire starts in one room of a building, will the entire sprinkler system discharge?

A:  No. Because the fire sprinklers are activated by heat, only the sprinkler closest to the fire will discharge.

Q:  If a sprinkler discharges because of damage to the sprinkler head, will the entire system discharge?

A:  No. Only the sprinkler head that is damaged will discharge.

Q:  Do you provide fire extinguishers and perform annual maintenance for them?  

A:  No, but we are happy to refer you to a qualified company.

Q: Are you a union contractor?

A:  Yes. We are signatory with Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 (nationwide), Local Sprinkler Fitters #183 in Milwaukee and Local Sprinkler Fitters #281 in Chicago.

Q: What is the minimum city underground water service needed for serving the sprinkler system for homes & businesses?

A: Residential Buildings: 4” minimum; Commercial Buildings: 6” minimum; Larger sizes may be required depending on hazard.

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