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A good sprinkler system starts with the best design. Our experts provide a comprehensive on-site evaluation of your existing facility or architectural plans for new construction. Once we’ve made a thorough assessment, our team will develop a system that works best for your property, while staying within all current safety codes and requirements.

Elements that impact design

Our designers take into consideration all the different factors that influence your specific sprinkler system requirements. Some things that have the biggest impact on the best design for your property are:

Property construction

Building occupancy

Water supply

Once we make our accurate assessment, we will better be able to provide you with the most efficient sprinkler system for your building.

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Property construction

The way a building has been constructed has a large impact on the type of fire prevention sprinkler system we’ll be able to install. This can include anything from sloped ceilings, which require an increase in system area size, to whether or not there’s an appropriate heating/cooling system in place, which determines the style of sprinkler system we’ll install.

Building occupancy

Depending on how large your building is, and therefor how many people it holds, will classify it as a certain hazard level. An example of lite hazard would be office buildings or hospitals. Extra hazard buildings are aircraft hangers and manufacturing assemblies. In order to stay in compliance with safety criteria, we’ll design a system based on the specific occupancy category your building falls under.

Water supply

One of the most important parts of installing a sprinkler system is the amount of water available. Without access to sufficient water, the sprinklers simply have no purpose. In order to create the most efficient fire sprinkler system for your home, we will adequately assess the building’s access to water and create our plan accordingly before moving forward.

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