Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

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Pre-action sprinkler systems are designed similarly to dry pipe systems because the pipes are filled with air as opposed to water. Once we help you decide that pre-action is best for you, there are three different kinds of fire sprinkler systems to choose from.

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Single interlocked pre-action system

In this type of system, water is held by a pre-action valve. It works with a supplemental fire detection system, but water will not be discharged from the sprinkler head until the fire has created enough heat to activate at least one of the sprinkler heads. 

Double interlocked pre-action system

A double interlocked pre-action system starts as a dry pipe system combined with a pre-action valve. The supplemental fire detection system it is accompanied with must activate in addition to the sprinkler heads in order for the water to be released.

Non-interlocked pre-action system

Similar to both single- and double-interlocked sprinkler systems, non-interlocked pre-action sprinkler systems work with a supplemental detection system. Either activation of the supplemental system or one of the sprinkler heads will activate water discharge.

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