Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Inherently reliable, wet pipe sprinkler systems are a cost-effective fire prevention sprinkler design that works best for the majority of property types. When a fire occurs, heat from the flame activates the sprinklers and water stored in connecting pipes discharges immediately. This system’s quick activation and economic pricing options make it a favorite among customers.

Design Build Fire Protection provides installation, repair & other maintenance services for fire sprinkler systems on a variety of property types.

Choose the best system for your property type

Wet sprinkler systems are ideal for both residential and commercial properties because of the ease with which the water is discharged when the sprinkler is activated. But not all properties are suited for this kind of system.

If your property reaches temperatures near or below freezing, the water stored in the pipes can freeze & your system will malfunction. Wet sprinkler systems work best for temperature controlled properties.

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