FAQ's About Fire Sprinkler Services in Wisconsin and Illinois

Q:  If a fire starts in one room or area of a building will the entire sprinkler system    


A:  No, The only sprinkler that will discharge is where fire is.
     The fire sprinklers discharge from the heat.

Q:  If damage occurs to a sprinkler head and it discharges, will the entire

      system discharge?

A:  No, only the sprinkler head that is damaged.

Q:  Do you provide fire extinguishers and perform annual maintenance for


A:   No, but we will be happy to refer you to a qualified company.

Q: Are you a union contractor?

A:  Yes, we are signatory with Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 (nationwide),
      Local Sprinkler Fitters #183 in Milwaukee and Local Sprinkler Fitters
      #281 in Chicago.

Q: What is the minimum city underground water service needed for serving the sprinkler


A:  Commercial Buildings 6” minimum (larger sizes may be required depending on
     Multi Family Buildings 4” minimum